International Award “Ali sul Mediterraneo” (San Pietro a Maida, July 2021)

International Award “Simply Woman – Harmony Award” (Catiglion Fiorentino, June 2021)

International Award “Vittorio De Sica” (Rome, November 2016)

In the photo below, during the Ceremony at the historical Palazzo Barberini in Rome with Eleonora Baldwin, the granddaughter of the famous Italian director and actor Vittorio De Sica.


International Award Frescobaldi (Milan, October 2015)

In 2015 this recognition was also given to Samantha Cristoforetti (first female Italian astronaut), Lapo Elkann, Fabio Zaffagnini and Lorenzo Cogo.


International Award Pericle d’Oro (Reggio di Calabria, July 2015)

In the scientific section, this international recognition has been previously awarded to Renato Dulbecco (Nobel laureate in Medicine 1975).

International Award Prime Donne (Montalcino, September 2014)

Over the years, the Prime Donne Award went to Kerry Kennedy (human rights activist and President of the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation), Josefa Idem (sprint canoer, world champion and olympic gold medal winner), Carla Fendi (Italian fashion designer),  Samantha Cristoforetti (first female Italian astronaut), Frances Mayes (writer, poet and author of the novel Under the Tuscan Sun) and Sara Gama (captain of women’s Italian football team).

Leonardo Award, IV Edition, Associazione Croce del Sud, Salerno, September 2011

South Cross Award Salerno 2011 (photo: B. M. Moliterni)

International Award Made in Calabria, Rome (February 2011)

The Gran Galà delle Eccellenze Calabresi award was given in the past to significant figures of Calabrian origin. The ceremony took place at the Teatro Quirino in Rome at the presence of the city mayor. Here a video with the motivations, and a short video of the evening.

International Award Calabria in the World, Rome (October 2010)

Cultural event held in the Rome City Hall Campidoglio. It awards every year significant figures of Calabrian origin who have been successful in their work in the fields of science, culture, sports, journalism,  and have been ambassador of Calabria and its values around the world. In the past the Committee honored, among others, Renato Dulbecco (Nobel laureate in Medicine 1975), Leon Panetta (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency) and Santo Versace (fashion house Versace).


Pythagoras Award, Italy (February 2008)  

International recognition awarded to individuals for their achievements in the fields of  mathematics and physics. In the previous years, it was given to Andrew Wiles (Fields Medal winner, the first to prove Fermat’s Last Theorem), Edward Witten (world’s leading researcher in superstring theory) and Enrico Bombieri (known for work in number theory).

Crotone1 by Diego Murano

Additional awards 

Primio Simpatia 2016 (Reggio Calabria, September 2016)

Rotary Award (Cosenza, Italy, May 2014)

Kiwanis Award We Build, Italy (April 2006)  

Kiwanis International (founded in Detroit in 1915) is a thriving organization of service- and community-minded individuals (600,000 members in 96 countries) who support children and young adults around the world. The We Build Award was given to me for promoting South Italy with my scientific achievements and work of internationally recognized researcher.

FI.DA.PA. Award Woman of the South, Italy (June 2005)

FI.DA.PA. promotes the initiatives of women working in the field of arts, professions and business, without distinction of race, language, religion. It is affiliated to the International Federation of Business and Professional Women which is represented in over 100 countries throughout five continents. The award was given to me for merits obtained in the field of research in astrophysics at the Johns Hopkins University, which made famous, beyond its borders, the name of Calabria and Italy.

  • European Space Agency Fellowship, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore (1998-2000)
  •  European Southern Observatory Fellowship, Garching near Munich (1996-1998)

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