Public Outreach

  • ESO Press Release, July 2015: “Biggest Explosions in the Universe Powered by Strongest Magnets”
  • ESA Press Release, June 2015: “The three candidates for ESA’s next Medium-Class Science Mission”
  • ESO Press Release, November 2011: “VLT Observations of Gamma-ray Burst Reveal Surprising Ingredients of Early Galaxies”
  • MPE Press Release, November 2011: ”VLT Observations of Gamma-ray Burst Reveal Surprising Ingredients of Early Galaxies”
  • MPE Press Release, April 2011: ”Savaglio receives Made in Calabria award”
  • MPE Press Release, December 2010: ”Calabria in the World awarded to MPE scientist Sandra Savaglio”
  • MPE Press Release, March 2008: ”Sandra Savaglio receives Pythagoras Award 2008” 
  • ESO Press Release, March 2007: “VLT Automatically Takes Detailed Spectra of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows Only Minutes After Discovery” 
  • Gemini Press Release, January 2004: “Faintest Spectra Ever Raise Glaring Question: Why do Galaxies in the Young Universe Appear so Mature?”
  • Gemini Press Release, November 2003: “Epoch of Galaxy Formation: Gemini’s First Look at the Interstellar Medium in the Redshift Desert” 
  • ESO Press Release, March 2002: “UVES Investigates the Environment of a Very Remote Galaxy Surplus of Intergalactic Material May Be Young Supercluster”


La Vita in Diretta, RAI 1, interview by Francesca Fialdini, with Barbara Alberti, Manuela Diliberto & Valeria Graci (December 2017)

10 consigli alle ragazze che amano le scienze, Io Donna, Corriere della Sera  (September 2017)

Vittoria, with Sandra Savaglio & Biancamaria Bosco Tedeschini Lalli, host: Maria Teresa Lamberti, Rai Radio Uno (September 2017)

Cervello in fuga e ritorno, Vanity Fair (April 2016)

Istituto Nazional Astrofisica – Interview by Stefano Parisi (March 2016)

RAI TG1 interview by Gabriella Capparelli (December 2015)

The interview by Riccardo Luna at The Innovation Game (La Repubblica TV, July 2015)

My interview for Calabria in the World (September 2014, in Italian)

At the TEDx Lecce, October 2013

  • Il Fatto Quotidiano video interview by Lucio Musolino, October 2014
  • Tessiner Zeitung September 2014 (in German)
  • L’Unità September 2014 (in Italian)
  • Rai Uno TV7 by Elisabetta Mirarchi (April 2014, in Italian)

  • Radio 24 interview March 2014 (in Italian)
  • Resto del carlino front page March 2014
  • Donna Moderna March 2014
  • The New York Times, March 2013: “How Fast We Slow Down Running Longer Distances”, by Andrew Gelman
  • People magazine (February 2013)
  • People's cover (February 2013)
  • Der Spiegel August 2012: “Altes Land, alte Ideen”, by Fiona Ehlers
  • Der Spiegel August 2012: “Italy’s Lost Generation: Crisis Forces Young Italians to Move Abroad”, by Fiona Ehlers, translated from German by Paul Cohen
  • Der Spiegel video interview (2012 in English, German subtitles)

  • USA Today, November 2011: “Gamma ray blast zaps two distant galaxies”, by Dan Vergano
  • The Huffington Post, November 2011: “Exploding Gamma Ray Burst”
  • New Scientist, November 2011: “View a colossal telescopic eye into the cosmic past”, by Roger Higheld
  • El Mundo, November 2011: “Una explosion revela los ingredientes del Universo joven”, by Rosa M. Tristan
  • Astronomy Now, November 2011: “Distant GRB lights up chemically rich galaxies”, Emily Baldwin
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day, November 2011: “Caught in the Afterglow”, by Jerry Bonnet
  • Space Science January 2010
  • Science, September 2009: “Scrambling to Read the Meaning Of the Sky’s Most Ancient Flare”, by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee
  • Time Europe, January 2004: “How To Plug Europe’s Brain Drain”, by Jeff Chu
  • USA Today, January 2004: “New beginnings for old galaxies”,
  • American Astronomical Society Press Conference, January 2004, “The Gemini Deep Deep Survey”
  • The New York Times, January 2004: New-Found Old Galaxies Upsetting Astronomers’ Long-Held Theories on the Big Bang”, by Kenneth Chang
  • Nature, March 2002: Was adolescent galaxy a gang member?
  • Nature, November 2001: Beating the European brain draini

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